Another one bites the dust, round… what?

The fan in this computer has resumed being… louder than it should be, even though I’ve made sure that the computer is clean (at least on the outside where I can see it), used compressed air on the side of the can near where the fan would be and at the bottom of the computer where I know the compressed air can reach it to some extent. Although I thought that the compressed air helped it out for awhile, it didn’t help it out as much as it should have, so I’m back to square one with this. At some point I’d like to have the laptop looked into and see if the fan being cleaned with the bottom of the computer… temporarily not on the bottom of the computer can help things, and if that doesn’t significantly help matters out, begin looking into a replacement PC laptop. It sure would help things out a lot if we had already been given the second stimulus check that lawmakers and politicians had been promising that they “would find compromise on”, but that hasn’t happened, and I honestly don’t think that there is even going to be a second stimulus check at this point.

Prove me wrong.

Just like I was pleasantly proven wrong with the results of the Presidential election.

Meanwhile, I need to add things to our Amazon wish list for Monster’s fourteenth (!!) birthday and Christmas. I had added some things to them in the past, but I have a very bad habit of buying those things that I put on our wish list, so… there you have it. Right now, I think there are only a few things left on the whole entire list…

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