Soon, I have another disability hearing. Go me.

In my spare time, I’ve been stylizing our YouTube channel in the hope that at some point I can get it off of the ground. I’ve been uploading most of the videos that I posted on Facebook to it in the event that, for whatever reason (and trust me, there are several) I do decide to leave Facebook, that way the videos that I’ve taken of my kids are stored elsewhere… and I’m also backing up all of the pictures that aren’t on Instagram and posting them on MeWe for that same reason, now that I know that enough of my friends use it that it’s not a waste of time to have an account. One thing that the site has going for it is that it looks nice and is easy to navigate. Now more people need to move off of Facebook and onto it, or off of Facebook and onto just about any site that isn’t owned by Facebook. The entire point of the process here is to get away from Facebook…

In the interim, I’m continuing to fight for disability benefits with chronic, intractable migraine disorder as my primary diagnosis and my asthma as… something that exists and is there. I have literally heard “you’re smart, you can adapt (to other work)” so many times that if that alone could induce vomiting, it would. My gaming backlog has only increased by leaps and bounds because I have to be careful about using electronics, those being a huge trigger for… wait for it, migraines. There are things that I want to do that I can’t do when I want to, or even at all, because of my migraines, so this “adaptability” is bullshit on the part of the people that want to insist that I am capable of adapting, let alone to work. I expect that I will have to continue to fight for disability benefits and I will be pleasantly surprised if I do not at just about any point.

But honestly, I can see why some people give up. They’re forced to do so through a dehumanizing process.

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