In “this doesn’t surprise me one bit”…

I put in an appeal as soon as my Twitter account was suspended, and Twitter still has not gotten to that appeal. They haven’t even sent me e-mails about the status of my appeal aside from the first one acknowledging that I sent in an appeal in response to my account’s suspension. One of my friends said that this happens a lot, that Twitter simply suspends accounts and does not make any effort to respond to appeal requests, essentially — no, completely — indefinitely ignoring them. That being said, I can see why people have found ways to circumvent account suspension by creating a new account with different contact details if Twitter is going to be this deceptive offering the opportunity to appeal one’s account suspension and then proceeding to do absolutely nothing about it. It reeks of absolute unprofessionalism, all of it does.

Facebook and Twitter do not seem to like leftist advocates, especially if they are AFAB (assigned female at birth) or are women. Conservative white men, especially religious conservative white men, can get away with anything on these sites and face absolutely no repercussions for their actions short of them blatantly being illegal or threatening. This is something that needs to change, even if the change commands or results in a new social networking site getting off of the ground, attracting that volume of people, and then not behaving in manners that Facebook and Twitter have. (And no, Parler is not the answer. It never will be.)

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