The contents of my purse, elaborated upon.

You can’t see it because it’s in my purse and I didn’t think to take it out before I took the picture, but I also have a Doctor Who wallet. It has various forms of ID for us, insurance cards and what have you… and it has my membership card for The Satanic Temple as well as my organ donation cards, which are actually so old and have been carried for so long by me that I’m going to have to tape them up at some point to continue to hold them together. As the younger generation likes to say, I’m that committed. My library card’s in there too.

Outside of my purse, there is my necklace from The Satanic Temple, which Bub likes to fixate on for some reason. I’ve taken to keeping it in my purse because that is the one place that he will not try to steal it from if he sees it somewhere in my room… why he does that, I’m still not sure. I keep an inhaler in my purse separate from the inhaler that I keep around the house so that I am never without an inhaler should I need one when I am not home, and to the right of my inhaler is my Subtl Beauty cosmetics stack. Below that is the N95 bivalve face mask that I’ve had for awhile… one of them, at least. I take the face mask out of my purse before I leave the house to remind myself to wear it, and I put the face mask back into my purse when I am back home so that I am never in a position where I need to wear a mask and do not have one. Not pictured in this picture is my Subtl Beauty brush. I’m falling in love with makeup that you can (re-)apply when out traveling.

On the outside of my purse is my Black Lives Matter enamel pin and a she/her pronoun badge, which my non-binary and trans friends actually encouraged me to get and put on my purse as an ally when I wondered whether it would be “too much of a reach” to show allyship in this manner. When I asked some of my friends if it would be appropriate to show allyship in this manner, the answer was overwhelmingly yes.

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