I love having to troubleshoot our Internet…

So our Internet decided to go out for reasons that I don’t know, although that happens to be a random thing with our ISP. The only reason that we even have this Internet service provider is because they have a monopoly in our area and because they are the only one that truly offers unlimited bandwidth… and this is extremely useful when you have two autistic children using it who love to spend time watching YouTube videos on their iPads. We would have considered switching to another service provider awhile ago were it not for the monopoly that they clearly hold in this area and the whole unlimited bandwidth thing, because there have actually been points when we have been fed up enough with their service to begin to explore other options. Fortunately, I have an Internet hotspot on my phone for when things like this happen… but it would be great if our Internet did not randomly do this and would be more reliable as a whole, you know?

Who knows, though. Maybe this Internet service provider will be so crappy that we actually do switch, heh.

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