If it’s not one thing, it’s definitely another…

I think the charger for my FitBit… doesn’t exactly work as intended.

I have to hold it against the back of the Versa to get it to continue to charge, which kind of defeats the purpose of “set it and forget (about) it until it’s done charging”. Although I’m thankful that it works in terms of continuing to be able to charge it, I may replace the charger. And the strange thing was that the charger worked fine when I first began to use it, but for some strange reason as I continued using it as needed, that was when it worked less effectively, then not unless I firmly held the Versa to the charger… it’s one of those that the device “nestles in”, where you snap it inside of the charger and something on the front of it holds it to pins on the back where the charging actually takes place, if any of that makes sense. If only these devices weren’t so confusing, and if only these devices didn’t all come with their own individual charger that wasn’t compatible with anything else except for that individual device. That’s a long-standing pet peeve of mine…

Bub actually had another “act of God” with his AAC device, so that had to be sent back to the company that furnishes these for repairs. The screen is sturdy, but it’s not impenetrable, and he insists on taking the keyguard off of the device and hiding it in the house. Why he does this, I do not know. I don’t think he would have broken the screen on the device like he did if he had left the keyguard on, and no amount of trying to explain to him why he needs to leave the device’s keyguard on the device has even remotely been effective.

The good thing is that his insurance fully covers necessary repairs on it since it is his communicative device.

As I write this, I have the background music from Kickle Cubicle playing in my head for some strange reason.

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