Facebook never ceases to depress me now, does it?

So far, I have managed to get banned from Facebook twice for thirty days each time.

Ironically, both bans have come about as a result of disagreeing with conservative men.

The first ban came about because I would not bow down to an extremely religious “abortion abolitionist”, as he likes to call himself, whose stance on pro-life borders on the violent to the point that his local Planned Parenthood, to the best of my knowledge, is actively litigating against him because his manner of “protest” has made it so that clients are afraid to access their clinic and staff do not feel comfortable or safe entering the clinic, exiting the clinic, or performing their jobs… which is exactly what he wants, because then he feels that he is “turning people away” and “saving the pre-born” (and yes, that is exactly what he calls them). He thinks that screaming outside of “abortuaries”, which is another pet word of his, is all the activism that he has to do, rather than advocate for benefits and services to help pregnant women keep and raise their children. This has been brought up to him many times, and he literally ignores it whenever it is mentioned.

The second ban came about because I told someone who literally espoused Nazi ideology that I wanted him to take a 23andMe test and “see if he would come up 100% European”. I might have used the choice terminology that runs rampant in those circles — Aryan white supremacy, and a bit of swearing as I said this. Ironically, I was accused by Facebook of bullying and harassing him, but him literally stating that he didn’t care that Jews died, wanted Jews to die, would wear a face mask with a swastika on it if asked to cover his face during this pandemic and felt that Jews were “greedy bankers and lenders”… didn’t go against any of Facebook’s rules, and multiple people reported him for this. But all of the people that he reported caught varying bans on posting when he gamed the system. As I’ve mentioned in previous entries, it seems that conservative white men — and this one also openly admitted to being Christian — are so easily able to game Facebook that it isn’t even funny at this point. They can say whatever they want without repercussion.

Anyone who dares speak out against them is silenced, especially if they are female. That’s just a sad fact.

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