This doesn’t surprise me. It bothers and saddens me.

In case anyone’s actually wondering, the schools in this area are set to open up around here in the middle of the month… unless something changes, they open back up and there is a surge of infections directly related to this and the school district gets pie on their faces as a direct result of this (which would not actually surprise me), or there is an actual Hail Mary and someone along the chain of command comes to actual reason. Parents and guardians have the choice of deciding whether to send their students to school for in-person instruction or allowing them to continue doing the distance learning that was mandated back in the middle of last school year when this pandemic started and schools were forced to close down, and any student who is doing distance learning can get a laptop as a loaner from their school at request. Again, this state is prioritizing “the economy” and “getting everything back to normal” over people’s lives, and it shows.

At this point, I can see the school district getting egg on their faces at some point. It’s just a matter of when.

Meanwhile, the superintendent continues to be smug about it, even though members of the board were surprisingly hesitant about it. It seems that the school district is actually in a position to lose funding if they do not open up, and this actually drove the decision to open doors when they are scheduled to be opened. This does not surprise me at all. It will all be about money, and access to federal dollars, at the end of the day. It always is with this district. It will always be about access to federal dollars, and foolish decisions made to secure access to federal dollars, at the end of the day with this district. This is exactly why I called our pompous, smug superintendent a bald-headed fuckface when he was live-streaming about this decision on one of our local news agencies’ Facebook pages, and why I do not regret my decision to call him that at all. I will gladly attach my name to the decision that I made to call him that. He is pompous and smug, and he thinks he knows more than the CDC. He deserves it. He is an educator, not the scientist he thinks he is…

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