In which the Internet says, “damn, spoil yourself”.

You have to love it when you call in a refill for something and are not even told that the medication in question requires prior authorization, wait… wait… wait, and then after more than a week passes call the pharmacist (my favorite line here is “calling to inquire about the status of this medication”), just for the person on the other end of the line to cheerfully say, oh, that medication requires a prior authorization.

At any rate, I did spend some more of the economic stimulus payment. I got a ring light and tripod for our camera (camcorder? camera? yes, I’m a nineties’ child) so that we can actually get more use out of it, and I was actually able to find those two things for affordable prices off of Amazon. As mentioned, I’ve also gotten a few candles as well… one from The Satanic Temple’s actual website itself, a few really nice looking regular-sized candles from a vendor on eBay, a few adorable tealight candles from another vendor, and some Satanic literature. Surprisingly, we were not in dire straights prior to this pandemic, so I decided to use the money from this payment to get things that we would otherwise have had to wait on. As mentioned, I got myself a pair of prescription sunglasses for when I’m having migraines (amber-tinted, and 80% sunglass). I also decided to spoil myself a bit since this pandemic did not actually put us in dire straights at the time that I got the stimulus check given our unique financial situation, although by no means did it make us rich or would I ever have considered us in any way rich or “well-off” from it… I got myself magnetic and thermal nail polish, two things that I’d been wanting for awhile, some other cosmetic items, and some items of clothing.

All told, I didn’t get a lot of things, because this wasn’t a lot of money.

And I would like to see a second stimulus check passed by the government, because there are other things that I would like to get us. I wouldn’t even mind the same amount. I’m not going to get my hopes up with a GOP-controlled Senate or Mitch McConnell. I’m frankly still flabbergasted that I even got the first check, heh.

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