Well, I waved at them, and they waved back at me!

I waved at The Satanic Temple (the closest chapter to me) on Twitter, and they waved back.

They also know that I put in an application for that chapter, so hopefully I hear something back soon!

All of this has made me extremely thankful not to be raised religiously, though… and it’s reinforced my desire not to raise my kids religiously, and to step in when someone attempts to raise my kids religiously. Let them make those decisions from themselves. As a matter of fact, let them make those decisions for themselves when I don’t have to consent to anything, and I’ll be the happiest. That ameliorates a lot of the “drama” from it (since the most drama comes from the fact that I refuse to consent to Bub’s baptism). As it already is, I’ve come to feel increasingly more uncomfortable making a decision like that for my kids, especially when they can’t “walk back” that decision of their own will by formally leaving the religion, as I’ve already mentioned.

Meanwhile, I’m sitting here wishing that Final Fantasy XIII had a New Game+ like so many other games do. For such an impressive game, the amount that you can’t do post-game is actually comparatively really sad.

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