All for the misdeeds of a comparative few.

I’m still getting used to the idea of having amber sunglasses (80% sunglass, amber-tinted) that I can put on, and have been figuring out when the best times are to wear them, especially when I’m indoors. Figuring out when to wear them when I’m outside has been a lot simpler, especially when it’s not dark outside. And as much as I know that they’re not going to be some kind of miracle “catch-all” for my migraines, having something useful like this in the tool box isn’t going to hurt, especially when I have a neurologist hell bent on not adhering to my last neurologist’s plan of care for me when, at the very least, I was prescribed one thing that actually helped, especially at more than one dose (Fioricet). When I see my neurologist for my second visit with her, I’m going to ask if I can be put on an anti-depressant as a maintenance medication since those have some efficacy in reducing migraine frequency and mitigating migraine severity, and the olanzapine that she has me continuing to single-dose for severe migraines does seem to be helping a bit. If she’ll replace the lisinopril that she currently has me trialing with that, I would be happier than I am now, because that medication has had me gain some weight as a result of moving up to the dose that she wants me to take, and I’ve been told that having that come about as a result… isn’t exactly the best (it’s worth changing meds).

I’m also still bothered that you can’t have your Homunculus auto-attack for you in Ragnarok Online now, even if you’re obviously not away from the computer letting it have a free-for-all, which has been against Gravity rules since the start of time when they were even introduced. This incapacitates the alchemist(/geneticist/creator) class beyond making them a glorified swordsman without the specialized skills or just someone who can make and throw potions and Vend. As I’ve mentioned, this punishes everyone who played and enjoyed playing the class for the misdeeds of a comparative few who were eventually going to get banned anyway, because no one who ever afkmists ever really does so long enough not to get caught.

I also found out that Ragnarok Online 2 was essentially cancelled for not being popular (or maybe lucrative?) enough, although it’s still available as a game… I guess it’s just not going to be updated beyond a certain point. I did download it off of Steam for nostalgia’s sake, although forced-WASD has never been and will never be my type of gameplay, and I do intend on giving it a brief whirl when the kids are in bed sleeping…

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