It is official! I have completely fixed the camcorder!

I’m not sure how I did it beyond changing a few video recording settings on the actual camcorder itself (which, in the grand scheme of things, seems banal)… but now I can record video on it and effortlessly upload that video to our laptop without any problems at all, which makes me really happy because now this laptop is not only salvageable but completely functional! I’m not sure why I didn’t think to do this sooner, but changing minor and almost banal settings on the camcorder shouldn’t have been something that completely restored the video settings on the videos from… what they used to be, these large black and green blocks that were unsalvageable messes. Of course, like I said in one of my previous entries here, with the pandemic continuing to go on there probably aren’t going to be that many videos made until this is completely over and done with. As an asthmatic, I am at elevated risk of complications if I do contract this — the kids, being as low-risk as they are, could asymptomatically incubate it for up to fourteen days, and in that time period they could effortlessly pass it on to me with all three of us being none the wiser to the fact that it had happened (until, well, it did, because I would have next to no asymptomatic period with my health history).

Meanwhile, I still think Lightning Returns is just… weird. In a really weird sort of way. Weird. It’s just weird.

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