Current medication list because, well, I can.

Neurological medications:
Lisinopril, 5mg once daily
Olanzapine, 10mg once daily if needed
Promethazine, 25mg once daily if needed
Trokendi, 300mg once nightly (200mg + 100mg pills)
Zomig dissolvable melt, 5mg up to three times per week

Respiratory medications:
Albuterol, two puffs inhaled up to every four hours as needed
Albuterol, one vial nebulized up to every four hours as needed
Claritin, standard dose
Prednisone as prescribed not during the pandemic unless really needed
Symbicort, two inhalations twice daily
Singulair, standard dose

Other medications:
Depo-Provera, taken every ninety days

Like I’ve mentioned, I am going to ask to be taken off of the lisinopril at my next consult with my neurologist because not only am I not seeing anything beneficial from it, but I have begun to gain some weight from it… and I’m going to ask to be put on an antidepressant since the Olanzapine has surprisingly been helping out.

A bit. For me. All of this is comparative because it is me we are mentioning here. I’m not expecting miracles…

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