So Zuck kisses Trump’s ass and targets activists.

This isn’t a picture of my account, but it is a screenshot that my friend took from their account. Not only does Zuckerberg allow Trump to say whatever he wants on Facebook even when it violates the Terms of Service (something that Twitter hasn’t been doing, which is worth drawing a parallel over), but if you do any meaningful sort of activism or advocacy on Twitter and get enough comment or post blocks for it Facebook threatens to disable your account over it. This is sadly something that I will now have to keep in mind, because for all of the “free speech” Facebook claims to allow you to have, if you’re an actual activist, you are targeted on their website, and you don’t actually have any free speech there at all — you are nearly repeatedly silenced into submission by individuals who, by their own attestation, game Facebook’s reporting algorithm, and Facebook refuses to do a thing about it even when it is repeatedly brought to their attention.

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