Not like I didn’t actually see that coming.

“I wonder what I’ll write about in my blog today—”

Check the local section of my Facebook and see that people are talking about how a cult is apparently operating here under the “guise” of a local church. You literally could not make this up if you tried. What seems to be the most hilarious about all of this is the fact that they have “enough” of a Facebook presence that people are leaving them negative reviews on Facebook about the cult’s interactions with various people as they attempt to recruit. So this is essentially helping them blow up on social media. I suppose this is actually something good about the reach that Facebook has, for all the negative things that you can say about it. (And this is the guy that I’m talking about, by the way. This is allegedly the founder of the cult or something. I am just now reading about it.) I just now saw all of this begin to “cross” my Facebook timeline.

In the interim, I’ve been looking for things to “pad” our gaming collection, especially since Bub’s birthday is at the very end of next month. So stumbling across this information was actually very surprising, if not a bit flabbergasting, because who honestly expects an actual cult to spring up in their town, regardless of the size? I know that I’ve joked that the hold that theistic religions have on some people is akin to the holds that cults have on some people, but now there seems to be an actual cult… in my city. Sure, it may not be geographically close to me since my city is not small, but now there seems to be an actual cult in my city.

You don’t ever see cults spring up in Satanism, although theists would probably actually regard Satanism as a cult (even though it is atheistic satanism, the complete rejection of theism, particularly Abrahamic theism).

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