Nevertheless, she persisted. Literally, she did.

So last night I got to Zoom chat with some fellow Satanists, which was really nice!

We’re thinking of making it a somewhat regular thing, we just need to figure out when it works the best for almost everyone, get more people involved, and this really could be a thing that takes off for BaphoNet and The Satanic Temple. Here’s hoping, anyway! Also, Bub was in the shot for like half the time laying on my bed playing with his iPad, then having opinions at the camera, then walking around where people could see him… which, I mean, I didn’t mind. He saw the faces on the screen and also didn’t mind that. It was like peak socialization for him, the absolute perfect kind. He could walk away at will. This surprised me in a good way.

Also, getting more politically active on Twitter waiting for my Facebook post and comment block to expire (fun fact: a political entity can not block you, at least here in the United States, if you are their constituent and you can prove that… or they are breaking a law, so I’ve been having loads of fun on the state governor’s Twitter page) has been entertaining, to say the least. We’ve been having loads of citizens of this state protest about contact tracing in a way that has been reminiscent of sovereign citizenry, and many of them have begun to make it clear that their grasp on basic science is tenuous at best. But what do I expect here?

I didn’t know that the economy was worth sacrificing more human lives over. Maybe I was too optimistic.

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