Why are there no good games to pre-order now?

I’ve pre-ordered everything that I want to pre-order Bub, especially for his birthday.

Looking for some games to “top off” what I’ve already pre-ordered, I can’t find anything additional to get him that he would like, which is just ironic. And in the interim, I’ve been blocked from posting or commenting to Facebook for a week (which technically started a few days ago) because someone weaponized Facebook’s reporting algorithm and had his friends report comments of mine because they did not like what I had to say during discussion on his Facebook wall. This is actually something that I do not like on Facebook, how it seems like Christian or Republican white men can “game” the algorithm to silence their dissidents, but you can never report them back for valid reasons. It bothers me that sometimes they can say the most profane, worst things, and “it is never a violation of Community Rules/Standards”, but I can simply call someone a stupid Christian man and that’s suddenly an automatic violation of the rule against “hate speech”. Alright.

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