In case this wasn’t already glaringly obvious…

Bub and I have been playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons since it was released.

That was one of the games that I switched our pre-order from a physical copy of to a digital copy of, thinking that this pandemic would likely delay the arrival of that game of, and if possible I wanted to be able to play that game with him as soon as I could… and I am really glad that I did, especially because we had the space for it on the microSD card that we got for our Nintendo Switch this last Christmas. Even though Animal Crossing isn’t exactly a game that I’ve dove into myself, so to speak, I have friends that know more about the game than I do, and I’ve made it a point to Google things when I’m confused about something or want to know more about something, and the franchise isn’t bad at all! It’s actually quite fun. I’m not put off by it. And Bub enjoys it a lot, so I enjoy it a lot. So far, Bub is all about the “build the best possible bridge for our island” life (he would be, he absolutely would be, so the fact that he is should surprise exactly zero people reading this blog post, I mean, come on now). That seems to come part and parcel with doing storyline quests, which I have done both with him and on my own if he has made it clear that he doesn’t particularly enjoy those. Some people seem to have FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) with these games. I just have WTBBBWB (Want To Build Best Bridge With Bub). And Tom Nook is an asshole, always wanting loans.

I also did manage to switch our pre-order of Final Fantasy VII: the Remake to a digital copy on the PlayStation Network! I managed to go whole hog and get the digital deluxe version of it, because… well, why not? Quarantine and chill. Quarantine and Bub’s going to summon Carbuncle, Chocobo Chick, and Cactuar.

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