I need to come up with better titles for these.

Good news: I am starting to get the hang of the “turnip exchange” in Animal Crossing, so over the course of several days, I actually completely paid off Tom Nook for the first time ever by doing all of the renovations on our house in this game and getting them all done and out of the way. Bub seems to like this game a lot, although he prioritizes certain things over others. I also laid down one of the best bridges in the game (Best Bridge For Bub!) and it should be built tomorrow since I paid the full Bell cost for it. We’ll see how that goes when I boot the game up tomorrow morning and… see whether or not it has actually been built. And so far, on our island there has never been an exceptionally good turnip sale price, so we’ve always been at the mercy of other people’s islands to sell turnips over there. I wish we would, at least once, peak with a good price. I’d probably give our island’s Dodo Code out to good friends of mine to start with before I took advantage of more official sites like the Turnip Exchange, even though I’ve used it myself to travel to other islands with higher turnip sale prices. I’m still getting my feet wet over there with the whole process, because on busier islands it takes awhile what with the whole game pausing whenever someone enters or exits, heh.

People are still panic buying certain things during this pandemic, which has made shopping a bit amusing.

Some of my friends have begun to get the economic stimulus payment (“Coronavirus check”), and we haven’t yet, but I’m waiting to see when we get ours since there’s me and two dependents to be tabulated.

Apparently Social Security re-routed my most recent disability application for a hearing, and this one won’t be held in person due to the distance. I anticipate just plain having to fight them until one of two things happens… I eventually get approved for disability benefits (SSI), or I give up. I don’t want to have to give up.

Chronic, intractable migraines are still my primary disabling diagnosis at present.

I would be doing a lot more (like even playing video games more frequently, seriously) if I didn’t have these.

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