Have I ever actually mentioned this here?

I seem to have been the reason that a particularly large private server for Ragnarok Online was issued a cease and desist order, which by the looks of things led to them actually shutting down years ago. Years and years ago, I actually went to the trouble of reporting them to Gravity (and at that, the Korean version) because of all of the corruption that had been… present on that particular server, we shall say. That server seemed to be plagued with corruption, and coupled with the popularity of that server, I felt like I felt the most prudent thing to do was to report them to Gravity. It wasn’t something that I felt particularly good about, as “tattling” has never been something that I have felt particularly good about, but I had become aware that donation money had been misused on more than one occasion and for more than one purpose (and when I say that, I say that in a broad sense). I just felt like that this would keep on, and keep on, if I did not do this.

Weeks after I made the report, the server itself actually appeared to shut down, which impressed me.

Based on what I could tell, it tried to “re-emerge” in another country, but it never attracted the somewhat massive number of players that it had at its peak, which was a somewhat impressive number of players to begin with, and it eventually closed for good at some point in time after that, which eased my conscience.

I don’t want to go into too much detail about the incidences that caused me to report it to Gravity to begin with, but I did have concrete proof of the… second incidences that caused me to feel it necessary to report it, and I did give proof of those incidences to Gravity, namely in the form of them being brought up in conversation by the individuals that they benefited. It didn’t make me feel good to make that report then, and it doesn’t make me feel good now. But it did come up in conversation when I was discussing the “prime” of private servers with some friends of mine who remembered how popular they used to be and was bringing up some of them in particular, namely one in particular that had… persisted for a number of years.

I suppose if there is one thing about me, there is my conscience when it comes to, well, this sort of thing.

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