Well, I did a little bit of research here, and…

23andMe and Ancestry don’t seem to be the best at gauging relatives that you may have when they are only half-related to you. For instance, they may tell you that you have a first cousin based on the percentage of DNA that you share with them because that is the percentage of DNA that you would be estimated to share with a first cousin if that were a conventional relationship, but if that person is only a half-relative to you, that person may not actually be your first cousin… am I making any sense? Because in the case of my highest match on 23andMe, the “first cousin” that I have there, he is actually my biological half-uncle, which I was able to confirm because his daughter (who is actually my half-cousin if you want to get symmetrical about all of this) read the message that I sent him since she has access to his account and actually corresponded back with me. She’s also awesome, by the way. But getting back to what I had originally been writing about… I began looking into my two highest matches on Ancestry, which were more than 10%, which is statistically significant. That would normally put you in the ballpark of first cousin, but once I was able to find out a little bit more about them, they were so much older than me (not knocking you for your ages if you find my blog and read this!) that it was, and is, actually unlikely that they are both indeed my first cousins.

It seems more likely that they are my half-aunts (or my half-great aunts, but half-aunts seems more likely).

Given the gap in our ages, it actually seems more likely that they may be the biological half-sibling to one of my parents. And since both of my parents have, for all intents and purposes, an unknown biological parent of their own, I can’t immediately identify which one of those it might be by virtue of “the one with the unknown parent”. And based on the research that I have done, my two highest matches on Ancestry are sisters to one another. I did send both of them nice, polite messages when I found out that we were of the relation that we were… one of them when I got my own results back from Ancestry, and the other one when she came up as the high match to me that she did on Ancestry, because she is now my highest match. I can only hope that, at some point in time, I get a response back from either one of them, or someone on that side of the family. If possible, I would like to get to know them, because I’m under the impression that they had (or have, until they see those messages) no idea that I existed until now. And a lot of them are on Ancestry, too.

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