Okay, one very minor hiccup to be had.

For some reason, when doing one of the last Windows updates to this laptop, it completely froze at 27% and just… sat there, so I had no choice but to power down the computer, start it back up, and have it “undo” the update. Now I’m following the advice of some tech blogs to see if this can’t be fixed, because I see no reason why this Windows update shouldn’t seamlessly install. I know that sometimes Windows updates can take a really long time to install (the infamous “blue screen”), but this one absolutely hung on 27%. I’m going to run Disk Cleanup, make sure that this continues to be as defragmented as possible, and continue to do some research into this to… get it not to hang, although I may also just wait until I can purchase a replacement USB since our last one stopped functioning due to old age and make a backup of Windows, which this actually suggests, in the event that this tries to brick this computer. But I really don’t want it to hang again…

Once I get this final update successfully on this computer though I am done with setting it up!

Okay, but that was how many migraines that needed to be medicated between now and then though?

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