Persona 5 Royal: DLC for the price of a whole game.

And because of brand loyalty and my child’s cute face, I’ve been suckered into buying it.

This did spawn a bit of an interesting discussion amongst people in a chat that I frequent (friends? I can call some of them friends): games that I play with Bub. I don’t mind playing some slightly higher rated games with him, seeing as how he’s autistic and internalizes a lot of the experiences much differently than a neurotypical child his age might. A lot of conventionally frightening things do not frighten him. In fact, many of them amuse him. Things that “go bump in the night” don’t bother him one bit. Zombies make him laugh. Although I take care not to play particularly bloody or violent games with him because those games tend to bother me as much as the idea of playing them with him bothers me, there are certain games that may carry a slightly higher rating that I don’t mind playing with him on my lap or beside me, although that depends on the specific game itself… I put a lot of research into games before making the decision to play them with him. For instance, I care more about games that have characters heavy into cigarette or drug use. I care more about games with plots that involve child abuse or child death. Among the Sleep might be the only game to date that I have banned in our household for reasons having to do with plot. But Persona? I don’t mind that.

Well, except for the bit about “DLC for the price of a whole game”. I minded that, let me tell you. I really did.

But let me tell you, I wish that the DLC for this had been released as just that: separate DLC, and not for the full cost of a game. I feel like this makes those who plays Persona 5 play twice for it just for the DLC, and I feel like that penalizes the biggest fans of the game and the series… the ones you want to keep coming back.

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