I’ve been able to log my sleep with the FitBit!

Now that I’m used to sleeping with the FitBit on my wrist (although the itchiness hasn’t… quite gone away, and I don’t ever expect that it will completely go away), I’ve been able to log my sleep with it and how much time I spend in the various stages of sleep. According to one night, I spent approximately 14% of that night “awake”, 19% of it in the REM stage of sleep, 45% of it in light sleep, and 22% of it in deep sleep. Surprisingly, most of my deep sleep was toward the start of the night. I’m wondering if any of the medications that I have to take would have anything to do with my sleep patterns, but I suppose we’ll be finding that out in the coming months as FitBit continues to store more sleep data for me and I have a chance to look at more of it.

Based on the reading that I’ve done on it, FitBit’s ability to track one’s sleep is actually pretty accurate… or so that’s what a lot of people say, especially those who have used FitBit to track it and then have gone on to have their sleep actually studied at the hospital or in a lab. So I continue to hold out hope in a good way, heh.

Once I get some more nights logged with it, I’ll be sure to take a few screenshots and post them up here.

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