Ways that I accommodate for my disabilities.

These are just some of them, and I thought I would share them here.

· wearing sunglasses in the house, or indoors, as necessary
· keeping lights in my area of the house dimmed (sufficiently on, but dimmed)
· keeping the brightness setting on my cell phone suitably low
· running fl.ux on my computer in Cave Painting mode
· taking medication for migraines at the very first signs of a migraine, rather than questioning it
· setting up posts to queue when I’m feeling alright, just in case I have a particularly bad migraine (for me)
· getting as many non-daily chores done as I can when I’m “having a good run of things”
· trying to limit screen time (especially so I can “use those spoons” on video games for Bub as needed!)
· keeping the volume low, or even off, on things unless it absolutely needs to be on for whatever reason
· making sure that I get plenty of sleep each night, and making the conscious effort to do so

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