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Steam will have to learn not to mess with me too.

Through… something that I don’t even know how they managed, someone got into our Steam account — you know, the one with two-factor authentication on it — and stole the money that had been put into our Wallet with the intent to pre-order something that would become available later on this month. So far, Steam has been completely non-compliant on the issue (“because they spent it on Community Market goods”… well, if your site is so horribly regulated that hackers are easily able to access accounts and Wallet funds they shouldn’t, and you know they spend them on Community Market goods because you won’t go after them if they do, do you not see the problem here?), so I’ve filed a complaint against them with the Federal Trade Commission and intend on opening support tickets with them until they get so tired of me that they credit my account the money that was in our Wallet to shut me up. I am not at all opposed to doing that because sometimes it is a tactic that works — I’ve had to do it with my state’s HHSC (Health and Human Services Commission) when they refuse to work our renewals, that was how I got my Twitter account back in good standing after… we all know what happened there, and now this, I guess. At this point, I don’t care.

…what these agencies or organizations must think of me for forcing them to ethically do their jobs.