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Like I’ve said, this isn’t a bad first step at all.

The more I hear about the process of the Steam arbitration (or would-be arbitration, since they only intend to request arbitration if gamers are not fairly recouped from buying games at a loss from Steam), the more I’m liking the fact it’s happening. Steam should never have been allowed to buy out their only competition, which they did in 2004, to follow that up telling game manufacturers that they couldn’t list their games anywhere else for more affordable prices if they wanted to retain the ability to list them on Steam. And although I continue to have problems with them for a number of reasons, ones that I would like to see rectified by them at some point, this isn’t a bad first step. The next thing I’d like to do is see improvements made to their API for the sake of added security, and depending on what they do with this, changes to their TOS to reflect that.

For the one or two who haven’t heard about this…

If you haven’t read about that, I highly suggest doing so. For the one or two people who aren’t already at least somewhat aware, litigation has commenced because it appears that Steam is and has been in violation of antitrust laws, not allowing game manufacturers to sell their games cheaper than the required asking price for them on Steam. It was determined that all of this had to be settled through arbitration rather than class action suit and encompasses the last four calendar years of any Steam game purchases you might have made. Seeing as how I’ve bought Bub alone as many games as I have on Steam (and the Steam Deck!), I’ve signed up to receive settlement should it be determined that Steam has indeed violated antitrust laws and is to be held accountable. I have problems with Steam that I’ve had for awhile, but their monopoly on PC games has made it impossible to avoid them or to avoid transacting with them when they are literally the only vendor selling the majority of computer games. The security of their API also leaves a lot as a whole to be desired, and it’s something that they have shown no interest in fixing, so any win is a win nonetheless.

You can also get up to three times awarded in damages, and most lawyers taking these claims on will only take a percentage if successful (and given the sheer number of people requesting services, I support this).

A more satisfying conclusion than I expected…

Because there are good people, Bub has been paid back what he had stolen from him.

It only took a day and a half for enough people to mobilize to make that happen, and I am so thankful that there are still good people in this world… even though I live in the United States (and, at that, Texas, where I have regularly had it screamed at me that I am a leech and a mooch for being disabled, that I am teaching my disabled children to be leeches and mooches because they are disabled and we get the disability benefits that we are entitled to, that I “could find a job if I weren’t lazy”, that sort of thing) where people who espouse MAGA tendencies and vote Republican seem to proliferate more and more with each election cycle, which doesn’t help matters out any. But the fact of the matter is that there are still plenty of good people on this planet and we are thankful for them. So Bub will be getting that game when it is released for purchase.