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I’ve fallen off of the wagon, folks. See?

Monster was this manies when I fell off of the wagon of borderline veganism. This manies, folks!

Prior to my first pregnancy, my diet had… evolved through absolutely no conscious thought of my own to something that was borderline vegan, all through personal taste preferences. Knowing where the various things on my plate had originated from was enough to make me not want to eat some of them, particularly those in the dairy food group. But when I found out that I was pregnant for the first time, I knew that I needed to eat a more diversified diet to meet my body’s increased demand for more calories, minerals, and nutrients, as well as to meet the needs of my growing unborn child’s… and surprisingly, it was not that difficult to find various ways to do so. But after he was born, I never picked my previous diet back up, and by the time that I found out that I was pregnant with Bub, there was no diet to change, as my diet continued to be omnivorous. But when I decided that I was done having children, I began to give modifying my diet back to what it had been prior to either pregnancy some thought. And that’s something that I continue to give some thought to, balancing the need to model eating a diversified diet for my autistic children against eating the things that I want to eat, as I could honestly go without consuming food with cow’s milk in it and eating meat for the rest of my life and not miss either one of those things. The only thing that I think I might miss is eating eggs, but I’ve heard that there are great egg substitutes… so I might be able to enjoyably eat those.

On top of that, being someone who needs steroids for her asthma almost at whim, being able to eat less foods that tend to “go bad” quicker (dairy and meat tend to do this, but especially meat) is appealing to me for that reason as well. These are also foods that tend to cause me the most gastrointestinal upset when I am ping-ponging off of prednisone, especially in combination with other migraine medications I may need.

That said, I suppose that it wouldn’t hurt to begin looking back into various substitutes for things out there…