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I liked this so much I had to steal it from Instagram.

I feel like this is the most accurate representation of autism I’ve seen, all tied up with a neat little bow.

Or, well, almost.

I definitely have the social differences, myself.

I have what a lot of people call “special interests”, but I’m not sure I am comfortable with that terminology.

I don’t have many sensory sensitivites, other than the fact that I have to sleep in complete darkness to actually go to sleep, I have to be in the same position I’ve been in practically my whole life, and the blankets have to be arranged in a certain way. If that doesn’t happen, chances are… slim that I will fall asleep.

As for emotional regulation, I’ve been compared to Daria from Beavis & Butthead since that show came out.

I embody the satire. I am the satire.

I’m not sure about perception unless that’s defined as reading people, which I am not that good at.

“Other” amuses me.