There are no other words for this waste of money.

As alluring as the idea of this sounds (I am a sucker for handheld, or mobile, consoles, and being able to make our favorite games mobile), this is a glorified… I don’t even know what else to call it. It only makes PlayStation 4 and 5 games handheld if both items are on the same Wi-fi. This allows you to play video games in your hands that you have to be in the same residence and on the same Wi-fi connection for. There are no other words for just how much of a colossal failure I think this is. If only they would actually fix this…

I loved this game then and we love it now.

I love that they remade this game (Super Mario RPG), and I love the fact that they left this glitch in the game even more, allowing you to one-shot kill a prominent boss toward the end of it. We got our copy today, too!

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