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I am now putting together our new computer!

After… maybe a month and a half of putting it off, I am finally putting everything together on Bub’s (and my) new gaming and streaming computer. Everything is going about as expected, save for the fact that I knew (and know) it was going to take time to fully load. I do appreciate the graphics card being out of this world and something that I didn’t have to pay extra for, though… and the rest of it runs quickly enough that replacing our current Intel Xeon with it makes sense. The whole process of loading is what I hate to do.

But in other news, seeing this on my Facebook feed blew my mind, and I mean that in the worst way.

Some more song lyrics that I really like.

“Outside Looking In”
by Hypnogaja

As I lie there on the ground
I remember all the good times of yesterday
And as I wait there to be found
I reflect upon the bad times of yesterday

As I’m on the outside
Looking in at my reflection
Where’s my life’s direction
As I’m on the outside
Looking in to where I’ve been

And now I stare into the eyes
Of a faceless man that I once knew
No one hears my cries
I’m crying for the truth

So now say the truth, from crawling to falling
I’ve seen the proof from the outside looking in

Now the time has come at last
Time to learn from all the memories of the past
Time moves on, and way too fast
Time is now and I won’t let it become the past

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