Why does none of this surprise me at all any more?

I’m not even surprised at the number of transphobes that are on Twitter today, plaguing it because I had the nerve to write that I feel safe around trans women (because I do) and would not mind sharing a restroom or other close space with them (because I wouldn’t, as I have absolutely no reason to fear them). This site has brought out the ugliest in a lot of people, and the only reason that I continue to use it is And that was literally all I had said, too. I stated that I feel safe around trans women, because I do, and that I would not mind sharing close quarters with them because I have no reason to fear them, which is accurate because I do not.

I fear actual men more than trans women, because actual men have given me reason to fear them.

I fear deeply religious men more than trans women. I intend on getting into that in a post at a later date.

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