We are on day three of what, the flu now?

So, while I’m sick, I’m going to say this in a place where everyone can hear it.

Every time I have an episode of epilepsy I’m reminded of the person who gave this to me. My Apple Watch has been recording brief episodes of apnea that resolve. My son’s father “loved” me enough to do this to me, and by that I mean didn’t love me at all because all he was capable of was hurting me, and I have to deal with that hurt for the rest of my life. That’s some kind of love, isn’t it? Sometimes I stop breathing in my sleep and other times I hit the floor during a seizure. He hurt me and then he had the nerve to say I “broke his heart” when I took our son and ran from him because I didn’t want to continue to be hurt. I shouldn’t be going through any of this to begin with. Who taught you to love in the first place? You disabled me. Have a very nice the rest of your fucking life and never contact us again..I want absolutely no part of your love.

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