This state is still not my problem, but… nice, I guess.

Apparently when you file a complaint with the Department of Agriculture about how long SNAP cases are taking to be worked in your state (and the unprofessionalism that came with constant copies and pastes of irrelevant information by the HHS Ombudsman’s office when I attempted to file complaints with them most of the time, which only goes to further prove my point), they expedite working your case — I got a call from someone at the local office last night when I had ironically been hunting for the word office in my mind to continue to post about these people, and they told me that not only would my family continue to be eligible for benefits for the next six months but that our benefits would increase to the tune of something like thirty dollars each month, and they apologized for how long it had taken to get to my family’s completed renewal to begin with. I kept my mouth closed but did not accept the apology, as our benefits would not even have been renewed in the first place in anything remotely resembling a timely manner if I had not constantly complained about Texas HHSC, let alone continued to post on their Facebook and Twitter pages about how they were incapable of doing their jobs. This is a hollow victory given how much effort had to be put into it.

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