The hits evidently keep right on coming, friends.

The closer it gets until I suppose someone from my high school graduating class pulls together a twenty-year reunion or… doesn’t, the more I consider myself lucky that I wasn’t invited to any ten-year reunion and that I don’t keep in touch with the majority of these people. (Like, please just let this keep right on. Seriously.)

For instance, I found out about a week ago that almost all of the people that I was friends with in high school are MAGA supporters now. Given the circumstances, this shouldn’t surprise me as much as it does given that this is Texas we are talking about here (or I am writing about, at any rate). And if they aren’t die-hard MAGA supporters, their close family members are, and that’s still something that I do not actually want to deal with in any capacity. Spare the one or two people from high school that I would like to reconnect with that I haven’t reconnected with and not counting the one that I have already reconnected with, I am happy as can be hoping that no one reaches out to me in attempts to reconnect. I am not going to barter my humanity.

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