So, my second high school reunion is coming up…

…and it is with great pride that I report not even having been contacted about attending one of these.

Truth be told, I continue not to have kept in touch with that many of the people that I went to high school with… or any school (elementary, middle) for that matter. I think I keep in touch with one of them, and as it is, we don’t even talk that much aside from being friends with each other on social media. This is something that I like and am comfortable with, and it’s something that I want to continue doing. Aside from the one person that I continue to be friends with on social media who I went to high school with for all of one year, I don’t think I want to be in contact with the majority of these people. I don’t want to give them access to my life. I couldn’t wait to get them out of my life once I’d graduated from high school. I actually had it put into my permanent record at high school during my senior year that I didn’t want to be contacted about attending these, and I’m still surprised that whoever has been in charge of planning these has actually respected this.

Like, please continue to respect this. Seriously. Don’t even have a high school reunion. Do not contact me.

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