Since it’s, well, that time of the year again…

Since it’s December now, I’ve been working on the kids’ progress notes for homeschool. I knew that I would be adding more to them before the end of the month, but I’m already partway through with Bub’s and am happy with the progress I’ve made with it so far! With any luck, I should finish writing the things that I would like to write down for Bub’s progress in a matter of days, and then I can start on his brother’s. I make use of more textbooks for Monster’s homeschool sessions, so it involves “digging” information out of those books to put into his notes that he’s covered or worked on, which isn’t particularly annoying but does take some time. Due to Bub’s younger age and more severe disability, I use less textbooks to supplement his educational need although I do use them. I’ll get to that as I get further in the process of covering their progress made.

This has gotten substantially more tolerable than it’s been in the past, although I’ve managed to keep good notes for years. I don’t have to keep them as per state law as it relates to homeschooling, but I happily supply them to the state as needed so that the kids’ disabilities continue to be documented by way of educational progress since I… don’t trust the local school district here and would not trust it for, well, shit.

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