roll, roll, roll your… well, oops, that’s a bad thing

The ankle that I have rolled is extremely likely to have been sprained. Badly.

Although the blood vessel that I… damaged, and severely, seems to be healing, it is doing so slowly, so I’ll be seeing my primary care physician later this week to be prescribed pain medication that I’ll need to continue to do the things that I need to do every day while it heals, and also to get referrals that another specialist of mine seemingly can’t “punch out” because my state’s insurance requires that the patient’s primary care physician be the one to request and write out all referrals. But I’m still “dragging” the injured foot behind me. Standing on it is hard. Walking on it is hard. Everything that has to do with it is hard and I would like the appropriate level of pain medication required for this to subsist until it heals, and then I can just get over it.

This is also affecting how I sit in chairs, couches, and the like, so it would have had to be looked at in a matter of days anyway. Everything hurts. Things that I did not know are capable of hurting… you know how I’m going to finish this sentence. And that’s more bothersome than anything else. As it is, NSAIDs provoke the asthma that I actually do have — the mild bronchial asthma — so I can’t rely on those for pain relief (and my pulmonary function tests prove that this is indeed the case). Oh, how I wish I could. How I wish I could…

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