drag, drag, drag the foot, gently around we go

I have now managed to roll an ankle and one of the largest blood vessels in said ankle quite painfully today.

I have it wrapped up in… what do you call that, sport bandaging?… and am taking pain medication for it as needed. The last time I did anything even remotely resembling this was several years ago though, so I’m hoping that this heals soon. This was one of the most painful things in the world once I realized what it was, what had actually happened, and I’ve more or less been dragging the injured foot around behind me for the whole day now. But how did I even manage to do this? Other than waking up from a nap early this morning. I know when I managed to do this. What I want to know is how I managed to actually do this. What were the odds? Why were they not ever in my favor? (I’ll get around to reading the Hunger Games prequel, I will.)

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