A series of outpatient surgeries, in surgery form.

For the sake of thoughtfulness, my gynecologist has stated that he is willing to… fight my insurance to get me a tubal ligation, “just in case”. This is something I am not opposed to him doing for a number of reasons.

It seems that he has an excellent probability of making this occur if the primary reasons for fighting them are my disability, which I gave him permission to use to try and get them to approve it, as well as “my kids being disabled” (and I only have that in quotation marks because although they are, it’s not a bad thing and will never be a bad thing). As much as I intend on moving out of Texas at some point and am definitely not staying here long-term, this isn’t a bad thing at all. It’s insurance against the fact that I’m done having children, always having considered two my happy upper limit, and I do not want to get pregnant again.

He also wants to see a referral to the appropriate specialist made regarding the sagging of some of my skin due to Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, which was only severely exacerbated by two pregnancies. This has caused an untold number of Staph infections to result entirely out of the blue, and should my youngest son injure me during a meltdown these injuries take longer to heal than he is comfortable with. He wants to see what state Medicaid is willing to cover and then go from there. I am not opposed to that either. Let’s get this done.

These procedures will probably all be done separately due to the time it will probably take for insurance to approve them (and this assumes that insurance approves all requests made to them… I know, right?).

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