This is about as annoying as I would expect…

We are now beginning to hit our stride in Texas where the air conditioner is not constantly running.

Since I am finally on medication to address heart problems, depending on exactly when I take it I may be running hot or cold depending on what the weather is. (And it’s always extremely annoying. Always.)

But there is no in-between.

But there is never any in-between.

It’s been three months since I was supposed to get a referral processed for cardiology, but since my primary care physician’s front desk is only staffed with three people that… isn’t happening. Or it hasn’t been happening, I guess I should say. All I can do is politely call to ask about it, to inquire about the status of it and maybe bump it to the top of the list. I also have to call for refills on my heart medication since my doctor never puts any on them. I think it has more to do with him being scatterbrained than it would be him wanting me to call his office every month to ask for refills on a medication that you’re not really supposed to stop cold turkey. (And, worst of all, getting a new PCP would mess up all of the specialist referrals I have.)

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