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The coughing from the beta blocker has all but gone away! That’s the good part of this post, anyway.

The bad news (or news that is supposed to be bad, anyway) seems to be that the beta blocker is no longer working to bring down my blood pressure and pulse, although I am fortunate in that I don’t feel the squeezing of the chest sensations that I did leading up to seeking care for it. One can hope that I’m able to get in to see the cardiologist in a few weeks, I’m taken off of metoprolol anyway — even though I can finally spell metoprolol now — and am put on something better that works better that doesn’t risk making my albuterol not work or cause other tremendously unwanted side effects. (And coughing for weeks to the point that one has effectively lost their voice for around a week counts as a tremendously unwanted side effect.)

Bub has his thirteenth well visit with the pediatrician today, and then we have less appointments for awhile!

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