I shouldn’t have been surprised at the start…

At some point, I’ll be needing to change the page on this blog that reflects what ancestors I’m thought to have had and what ethnicities have or share. Although 23andMe and Ancestry have introduced me to great relatives, and answered some of the questions that I had going into testing — as well as caused even more questions to form — the ethnicities that it thought me to have were a bust in that both sites wildly guessed that I had a lot of English, northwestern heritage… and left it at that, not telling me anything else. As both… what do you call them?… continued to update over the years, none of these questions were answered. Not too long ago, I decided to feed my Ancestry test results into more specific sites, like MyHeritage (which was surprisingly more helpful) and, eventually, Genomelink. Not only did that answer the remainder of my questions, I felt the most confident in the results based on what I already knew. All of this is fascinating.

There are also some other things that I’ve found out by way of Ancestry tree (thanks, friend!) and Gemnoelink, which bounce off of eaxh other confirming what the other one says. It’s wild. 2023 is wild.

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