This is the story of my life at this point.

In a few hours, I see my primary care physician to get the referral to a cardiologist that it is clear as day I need. As already stated, I’m going to ask to be put on a stronger ACE inhibitor, and I’m going to ask to be prescribed short-acting or long-acting nitrates for episodes of angina that will hold me over until I actually see the cardiologist. Aspirin helped ease symptoms of angina until it… didn’t, and high-dose Benadryl is no longer effective at drying out secretions in my lungs that I would otherwise have coughed up and am now coughing up. I look forward to being started on medications that better address this, which might in turn address the fact that I have gradually started feeling cold all of the time, and hope that a referral to cardiology is expedited and that I’m able to see the fellow reasonably soon. If my bronchial asthma isn’t as severe as my care team thinks because I’m having heart problems that can mimic asthma, particularly with vague shortness of breath that isn’t worked up, it might also be that I’m on medications that I don’t actually need to be on… or medications that are causing this to get worse, as some lung medications can actually worsen heart problems if not needed. For fun I might hilariously make a list of my symptoms at one point.

I’m really hoping for enough nitrates to hold me over, though. That’s the biggest thing here. Nitrates, please.

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