Okay, so cardiac asthma got me feeling like:

About every month to month and a half I feel like I’m “short of breath” for a few days even though my lungs, with the help of medication that I take as needed for bronchial asthma, are able to draw in air just fine. But people in their thirties “don’t have heart problems”, even though I very clearly do. If this continues to happen, as I’m sure it will, I’m going to ask for a referral to a cardiologist so that they can give me better medication to manage it than I am currently on. This is annoying, because I could definitely be doing better things this summer — better than dealing with this, at any rate. “Ways to stop feeling pressure on my chest” is fun…

Take aspirin.
Take aspirin with Benadryl.
Put prescription-strength lidocaine on my chest.
Take warm bath to force arteries, veins, and such to dilate rather than constrict.

…nope, it’s still definitely there, I still definitely have cardiac asthma, but it is helping a little bit.

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