I got next to none of what I wanted, apparently.

The decision was to put me on a beta blocker, among other things, until I could see cardiology.

That isn’t going so well. I’ve been on it for two days and am now explosively coughing, which is a side effect that asthmatic people can have when they take these things (although some of them are better than others, and I wouldn’t trust any more of them going forward). I have tried three different cough medicines that are in this house that I have available to me, and none of them are working to allay this explosive cough. I think this is giving me no choice but to stop the beta blocker, which I can do tonight because I want to stop feeling miserable coughing all of the time. Surely there has to be something else that I can be prescribed that addresses similar concerns without causing explosive coughing that happens at… all… periods… of the day. The benzonatate (“tessalon”) pills that my lung doctor prescribed me aren’t even helping allay this cough, and normally they help with almost everything cough-related. And there’s the on-call nurse until Monday.

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