I am @serah.bsky.social on BlueSky, by the way!

Now that I have a BlueSky account of my own (finally!), I can begin generating invite codes to give to people.

However, it seems that you only start off being able to generate one code every two weeks. Apparently it used to be one code a week, but trouble with the back end has caused BlueSky to want to slow that down to make it easier for them to fix. There’s also been the problem of people becoming able to game the system and put Neo-Nazi and racial slurs into usernames, which back end has been working as hard as they have been able to fix with some hiccups along the way. At any rate, when I am able to start generating invite codes I intend on giving them to my friends and other people who would like them. I’m also hoping that I begin to be able to generate more of them over time as apparently BlueSky users that don’t… cause problems are said to be able to do. All of this is new — at least it is to me, by the way, who got her own BlueSky code less than a week ago — but it already shows remarkable progress over Twitter, who is now letting two pedophiles (one convicted in criminal court) use their service with the convicted one ban evading multiple suspensions prior to Musk’s acquisition, so at this point I am more than ready to bail and network elsewhere the moment a promising social networking app or site comes up that allows people to do that.

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