This horrifies me that this even happened.

I need to come with some kind of category, tag, or something for deplatforming problematic people.

At any rate, the convicted pedophile that people have been trying to deplatform from Twitter has a history of accounts being justifiably suspended, although almost all of these suspensions occurred before Musk’s acquisition of Twitter. People have kind of memorized what a lot of them are though because ban evasion is supposed to be against the rules on Twitter — if you’ve had an account suspended, let alone permanently suspended, you’re not supposed to make any other accounts on the site… you’re literally not allowed to (and if you use the same e-mail address or phone number, the site will quickly catch your attempt to do so and then suspend that account as well in a mostly if not completely automated process). When people have continued reporting this… person to Twitter, in the space on the reports that allow you to write something that a human working at Twitter is supposed to be able to see, we’ve been including the names of some of his suspended accounts hoping that Twitter would just go on ahead, follow their own Terms of Service, and suspend him for ban evasion. It’s worked getting ban evaders suspended in the past, although this was by and large prior to Musk’s acquisition. I’m going to get to why that has become problematic in a second.

First of all, it’s no secret that Musk said that he would give many people a “second chance” if they had been suspended on his platform. This hasn’t quite worked out the way he stated it when he Tweeted about this, as it seems that far more right-wingers are being given second (and third, and fourth) chances than their leftist counterparts, which has become obvious. Some people are being suspended for no actual discernible reason and have not successfully been able to appeal these suspensions. Anyway, getting to The Problem™.

A few days ago, one of the prominent accounts that this pedophile had been suspended was reinstated.

They had to have known what they were doing when the decision was made to reinstate this, and they did.

Naturally, people began trying to contact Twitter to ask for justification as to why a convicted pedophile’s account was reinstated when one of the reasons for his suspensions has been the fact that he is a convicted pedophile. (And he’s still a ban evading one as he’s had numerous other accounts of his suspended.) Twitter has predictably refused to answer any inquiries about this, and the convicted pedophile is gloating that this took place to begin with, making sure to rub the reinstatement in the faces of those who wanted him to be suspended yet again. Twitter has made it abundantly if not transparently clear that they no longer care about minor safety on the site, given that one of the reasons for his suspensions has been that he is a convicted pedophile and Twitter allows teenagers between thirteen and seventeen to register accounts.

No one is giving up on deplatforming him, but we realize that Twitter does not care about minor safety.

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