So I’m losing one of my friends. This just sucks.

One of the people that I’ve known the longest online, who has cystic fibrosis, is expected to pass away in a day or two due to liver and kidney failure from the medicines she had to take for… wait, well, the whole cystic fibrosis thing. I haven’t heard anything other than her husband informing her friends that she is probably going to pass away that day or tomorrow. I’ve known her so long, and we go back so long, when Bub was an infant on my lap. He’s almost thirteen years old now, and our friendship is the length of time of one Bub.

It’s still amusing that my interactions with the cystic fibrosis community are measured in Bubs.

…okay, to be completely honest, I do still find it a bit hilarious. He’s like a measuring cup, I swear.

Even though part of me wants to see her fight and her health improve, I don’t want to wish that on her if it means pain and suffering on her part. She wants to become stardust when she passes, and it sounds like she wants to travel the galaxy (I would too if I were in her position, because that sounds fun). At any rate though, I’ll always remember her, and I made sure she got that message from me while she was still alive.

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