Okay, I’m laughing, this surprisingly gets worse.

When my abuser was fleeing the country over child support, he and his then-girlfriend (a woman that he had met over the Internet) put in an application for an “emergency” visa to her country, alleging that he was either homeless and jobless or about to become homeless and jobless. They did not divulge to her country’s immigration system that the reason he was homeless was because he was fleeing from the first home that he was able to pay the rent on and independently live in for years because he had made himself jobless quitting work in rage once he found out that child support had garnished his wages because he had gone years refusing to DNA test as requested. At any rate, her country did not look into the matters surrounding this for… whatever reason, and they approved this “emergency” request, getting him a visa in a matter of weeks that allowed him to have fled the country three weeks after he quit his job and fled what would become his last residence in my state. When her country began to investigate him, they found out about this and the fact that them granting the visa without looking more carefully into matters surrounding it meant that he was successfully able to flee the country to evade child support, not knowing that the order had been worked entirely in error, put right back into non-enforcement and that I had sent all garnished monies back to the state disbursement unit refusing to accept them. But, in spite of both of their best efforts, her country did find out about this… and everything else that I’ve mentioned in here, prompting them to expedite removing him to six months when some people in her country spend years fighting a deportation or removal out in court. He had absolutely no defense against any of this, having lied on more than one visa application to get over there — alleging that there was an emergency without her country knowing that he had deliberately caused it, claiming to have no criminal history, and claiming to have no dependents that he had the legal obligation of supporting. Their “goal”, I guess, was for her to let him spend the rest of his natural life hiding out in her home, because he had absolutely no path to citizenship even if he had actually married her.

This makes me laugh harder, because they got him. They got him good. They had his number from the start.

He was also sent… somewhere to wait to be removed, a place that only high-risk offenders are sent (ones that they don’t think are going to cooperate with deportation and removal, let alone come to any of the hearings or proceedings). We know this because he took a selfie on the boat as he was being transported to this place — I’m not saying it in this post, but some of you might already know which country it is — which she scrubbed from her social media when she got rid of everything else that had to do with him because it incriminated her. And, of course, he was issued a lifetime ban from returning to her country for any reason.

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